Warzone hackers make Rebirth Island “unplayable” with Season 6 cheats

Connor Bennett
Warzone red firestarter skin on rebirth island

Warzone players have been left furious as hackers have once again reared their heads in Season 6, seemingly taking over Rebirth Island games in the process. 

It’s been well documented just how much Warzone has struggled with the hacking epidemic. Despite Raven Software dishing out countless waves of bans, some players have just had enough and taken their talents elsewhere.

Plenty of players have soldiered on regardless, continuing to drop into the Call of Duty battle royale. For many of these, Rebirth Island provided a bit of a safe haven as, while cheaters could be found in matches, they weren’t as common as they were in Verdansk.

However, with the new Season 6 update, that seems to have changed as hackers have seemingly infested Rebirth matches now too.

Warzone train line
Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

Since the Season 6 update dropped on October 7, hackers have been flexing their might, but it’s not just been with the usual aimbots, wallhacks, or silent shots. Some have even been using unreleased Halloween skins and advertising their cheats on the leaderboards.

For some normal players, this has made the game just “unplayable,” especially as cheaters have become increasingly common in Rebirth lobbies too.

“It’s honestly unplayable right now, we played 4 games and 3 had the most obvious hackers in the world, it’s f**king stupid,” said one fan. “Ran into multiple Ghost Face skins on rebirth last night. I say 5 games in a row at one point. Unreal,” commented another. “Rebirth is even worse than normal Warzone,” added another.

An apparent increase in hackers at the start of a new season is nothing new, it’s been happening for a while thanks to free hack trials that some cheat sellers have been handing out.

The rise of cheaters on Rebirth is, however, and that’s what’s got players annoyed as their safe haven has been infected. It remains to be seen if Raven or Activision can do anything about it any time soon.

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