Warzone streamer Nadia slams “fragile” men making CoD cheating accusations

Joe Craven
Nadia talking to the camera

Warzone streamer Nadia has hit out at “fragile” men making cheating accusations against her, as the aftermath to the CODNext event continues to be felt in the battle royale’s community. 

The CODNext event was a resounding success, with community excitement for the upcoming Warzone 2.0 at an all-time high ahead of its November 2022 release.

We saw NICKMERCS secure the first dub of the battle royale sequel and got our first proper look at the Al Mazrah map, which will replace the sun-soaked and luscious Caldera. 

However, the event also resulted in significant backlash against one content creator, Warzone streamer Nadia. 

Streamer Nadia rejects cheating allegations after Warzone 2 reveal event

She was accused of cheating by some community members, who used her underpar performance at the LAN CODNext event as proof

Nadia has since responded to disprove the allegations, sharing footage of her home setup and taking viewers through the event to explain what was happening. 

While Ninja shared his take that the whole thing was actually “genius” on Nadia’s part, it certainly brought a lot of unexpected attention onto the streamer. 

She appears to be taking it all in her stride, though, lashing out at the accusations again in a September 23 tweet

“*BREAKING NEWS* I actually don’t cheat,” she said. “So all you little boys with a fragile masculinity that can’t accept a woman is just better, it’s time to face the reality. you are dogsh*t.” 

It echoes a lot of what Ninja was saying – that the attention brought to Nadia’s door by those making the accusations is actually helping her disprove them and grow her reputation as a top Warzone player.

We doubt that will stop the accusations from festering though and, with Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 rapidly approaching, they’ll be many more community members (rightfully and wrongfully) accused of foul play. 

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