NICKMERCS wins the first ever Warzone 2 match at Modern Warfare 2 reveal event

nickmercs pointing at warzone 2 logoActivision, NICKMERCS

Warzone 2 is officially underway and NICKMERCS was part of the first winning team in the game’s history at the Modern Warfare 2 event.

At Call of Duty: Next, the world had the opportunity to bear witness to the first look at Warzone Mobile, an in-depth look at Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer, as well as the first footage of Warzone 2 and its new Al Mazrah map.

Warzone 2, in particular, has grabbed a ton of the headlines due to many of its notable changes including a revised loot system along with a controversial Gulag change.

The emphasis on the event though was providing actual gameplay and footage of the map in action, with tons of streamers and content creators there. We got to see the first-ever Warzone 2 match, and NICKMERCS came out on top in a solid team effort.

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Warzone 2 first match won by NICKMERCS’ team

There were no picking sides in the first-ever Warzone 2 match with NICKMERCS being placed alongside fellow FaZe member Scope, as well as Smixie, in a team.

After some early party chat issues, the team eventually got into their flow utilizing some great comms to work effectively as a unit.

The team played it smart and tactfully during the middle of the match as they tried to figure out the new circle system in which multiple safe zones are marked before they eventually converge into one.

The game got down to the final 20 players with the team still in good shape before Nick spotted some enemy players nearby, declaring: “There’s gonna be a fight here.”

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It happened, and Scope and Smixie ground out some kills with Smixie going on a 5-Killstreak. After an intense final few moments in which Scope and Smixie were taken out, Nick was left with a 1v3 scenario.

Even though he was downed, Scope provided some top comms to point out the final player to Nick who gunned them down and claimed the dub for the team, with an ecstatic Nick shouting “Let’s go!” across the room in an effort to spot his teammates.

“First game, first dub,” Nick said as his video signed off in style.

NICKMERCS has said countless times that he is waiting for Warzone 2, and after besting many of the world’s top players including Aydan, Swagg, and many more, this could be the first of countless Warzone 2 wins for Nick.

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