Warzone streamer IceManIsaac reveals best ways to get easy lobbies

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone streamer IceManIsaac reveals best way to get easy lobbies

Warzone players are constantly looking for ways to get the easiest lobby possible and streamer IceManIsaac reveals the best ways to do that.

Easy or bot lobbies usually consist of the lobby’s total K/D ratio adding up to below 1.0 as these players are typically going to be less skilled.

Players are constantly trying to figure out how to get in these as there is a higher chance to drop world record numbers.

While there are many theories to get easy lobbies in Warzone, IceManIsaac breaks down which method works the best.

IcemanIsaac exposes methods for Warzone easy lobbies

In a YouTube video, Warzone streamer IceManIsaac addresses the topic of easy lobbies in the game and gives a few methods to try out.

He claims that the easiest way to get a low K/D lobby is by queuing up early in the morning or super late at night. While wait times may be longer there are fewer players of your skill to match against.

IceManIsaac said, “The game will be like ‘well screw it I got to put this guy in a game or he’s going to hop off.’” While this method has proven to be the best there are some other ones that he exposes.

Play “fill squad” whenever you can

Warzone Verdnaks gameplay
IceManIsaac claims to use the fill feature to get easier Warzone lobbies.

In an unorthodox method, he said that utilizing the “fill” feature is a great way to get easy lobbies. “If I say Quads, fill, I don’t get queued up with three other demons,” IceManIsaac said.

While there isn’t a ton of data to back this up, he said there are tons of people that swear by this method claiming that Warzone will always grant lower K/D lobbies when having randoms on your team.

Although he does call this a “tin foil hat theory” there are plenty of Warzone content creators that swear by this method.

Usage of burner accounts

Another way to get easy lobbies but is almost frowned upon in the competitive community is the usage of burner accounts.

Warzone Season 6 Firefight Verdansk Final
Warzone players can use low K/D burner accounts to find easier lobbies.

This is when an account with an awful K/D hosts the lobby and starts the game. They will immediately back out when they’re put into a match so the player can go solo and rack up a lot of kills.

IceManIsaac said not many people do this as it can be tracked through the Warzone Tracker and is a cheap way to get world records.

This is just another of the handful of proven ways to get easier lobbies and when you finally get one you need to go full beast mode as it may be a couple of hours before it happens again.

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