Warzone hacker conspiracies have driven children to literally wear tinfoil hats

call of duty warzone tinfoil hat conspiracy theoristActivision / Wikimedia Commons

A section of Call of Duty: Warzone fans have taken to conspiracy theories believing the game’s biggest streamers are hackers. Now, leaning into the trolls, their children are literally wearing tinfoil hats.

There is a controversial subreddit devoted to identifying streamers who cheat in Warzone. And it’s not controversial because of the premise, since people — pros alike — think calling hackers out is important.

It’s controversial because, on occasion, the hacker conspiracy theories go to… elaborate lengths. At one point, ZLaner’s IRL move to Toronto was questioned and, in turn, many have made fun of the accusers.

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Now, seemingly as a response to those jokes about conspiracy theorizing, headwear has gotten involved. In an October 24 Reddit post, someone showed that their son was wearing a tinfoil hat in the name of “passion.”

Warzone hacker conspiracy theorist’s child wears tinfoil hat

As you can see in the picture, ‘IBEATCURRY1on1’ has shared their son’s new outfit to the public forum. And, if you’re wondering why a child might wear a literal tinfoil hat while doing homework, the title offers an explanation.

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“My Son loves BadboyBeman’s tinfoil hat theme. We both dislike Streamer cheaters in COD and Fortnite with a passion.” One has to assume they’re talking about BadBoyBeaman here, a notorious hacker watchdog, but the intentions are obvious.

JGOD using the EM2 on Rebirth IslandJGOD / Activision
Warzone streamers are accused of hacking when their gameplay looks suspiciously impressive.

In response, there was a bunch of support. One user said “dads are based. Can see through this bullshit that ‘professional’ gaming is.” But there’s been backlash as well, with one calling the OP a “terrible father” who should “stop pushing” their child into this scene. 

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We won’t pass any judgment here, but this is an interesting demonstration of just how far along the streamer hacker conspiracy theories have gone. We’re now at a point where it’s not just people accusing popular players by themselves — families are getting involved.

CoD Vanguard launches on November 5, after which the new title’s integration is meant to bring a robust RICOCHET Anti-Cheat to Warzone. At that point, one has to wonder if the accusations will slow down or simply evolve.

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