Warzone streamer avoids certain death by trading spicy photos for a revive

warzone streamer uses feet pics for reviveActivision/Instagram/vauxieofficial

A Warzone streamer has figured out the perfect way to survive by playing into simp mentality by promising other gamers spicy photos in return for a revive.

Vauxie has been steadily growing as a content creator and some of her strategies have been flat-out brilliant so far, commanding respect on the battlefield.

Dying in any battle royale is never fun, but with revives available, there are ways to avoid death and continue the fight.

But what happens when your teammates aren’t exactly the reviving types? For Vauxie, she discovered the best way to guarantee she lives on in Warzone is to trade something in return.

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Warzone streamer trades feet pictures for revive

In a TikTok that amassed over 650,000 views before it was taken down for violating community guidelines, Vauxie was playing Warzone and was dying when she made a meta-defining play.

“I’ll send you n*des if you save me,” she promised a player who made a mad dash towards her location.

In another clip, the streamer upped the ante, saying she would send feet pictures in return for a revive.

“Hey, can you please rez me?” she asked. “I’ll send you feet pics.”

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Despite one of her teammates dying after the request, another hurried on over and began performing the revive.

Unfortunately for anyone expecting her to actually send the photos, it seems like it was all a ruse just to get revives as she explained to another player that this tactic was the “easiest way to get randoms to rez you.”

Still, while it seems to be a highly effective strategy and one that could be used in other games, we’ve yet to see other streamers such as Dr Disrespect or TimTheTatman try it yet.

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Until then, players may want to keep this trump card in their back pocket. It might end up coming in clutch and earn you a Warzone victory.

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