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Odell Beckham Jr. & Trevor Noah beg for AUG nerf in Warzone

Published: 9/Mar/2021 22:45

by Alan Bernal


NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. and host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, echoed the Warzone community’s plea for Activision to finally nerf Warzone’s AUG

The rifle has been a heavy favorite among Call of Duty players especially after the Season 2 update. The AUG even cracked the top five most popular weapons to use in Warzone, but not everyone is digging its reign.

It’s no secret that many A-list celebs drop into Activision’s massive battle royale, with some even participating in multiple charity events throughout Warzone’s lifetime.

As fans of the game, Noah and OBJ had their own ways to tell the Call of Duty developers that there needs to be some weapon tuning to the AUG seeing how much it’s been tearing the servers.


OBJ has been known to queue up in Warzone with the likes of FaZe Swagg and LeBron James Jr. while streaming on YouTube.

On March 9, OBJ let his feelings on the AUG known, saying, “YALLLL GOTTTTA NERF THE AUG! Ur doinnnn toooo much.”

Of course, the NFL wide-receiver made sure to let fans know that the criticism came from a good place, but the Warzone streamer did say that “the only thing stopping me from dubs right now” is the AUG.

A little while later, Trevor Noah gave his brand of commentary on Warzone’s struggle with hackers as well as a nerf to the AUG, of course.


“Now that Oprah has discombobulated the royal family, I hope she’ll interview Activision and ask them why we can’t choose to play Warzone against console-only and avoid hackers on PC,” Noah said. “And also nerf the AUG.”

Warzone’s fight against hackers has been a long and documented road of frustration among players, especially since it’s easy to do without getting banned.

Activision has a ton of bugs and player complaints to contend with, and there’s been mounting requests for the devs to also take a look at the AUG.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Call of Duty creators will step in to nerf the AUG in the next Warzone patch, especially if it keeps getting high-profile traction.