Warzone Season 5 trailer revealed and there’s literally a hacker in it

warzone season 5 trailerActivision

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 5 cinematic trailer has been revealed. While it gives a glimpse at the next big stage of the game, players couldn’t help but notice the irony of it all.

Warzone Season 5 is undoubtedly going to pump a ton of new content into the game. By the looks of the trailer, it could even have a few surprises for the battle royale’s map in the next season.

What it did feature was a new character that’s seen hacking into a base to broadcast a signal to the larger Verdansk region. While we don’t know what the implications of what that could mean for the game, Warzone players are finding the cinematic “tone-deaf” in light of the BR’s bigger problems.

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Warzone Season 5 trailer

The CoD Warzone Season 5 trailer has been revealed. The devs are giving players a look into the next stage of the mayhem that will ensue within the game.

“Nothing stands in the way of Stitch launching the final stages of his plan. Check out the Season Five cinematic here,” the description says.

Warzone anti-cheat backlash for Season 5

There’s been a ton of reactions to the Warzone Season 5 trailer but the biggest seem to revolve around a hacker disrupting Verdansk and being an overall focus in the game.

Some people are calling the video “tone-deaf” to the problems that the Warzone community is facing. For example, the game’s biggest streamer NICKMERCS appears to be done with Warzone and is preferring Apex Legends instead, much like other big streamers.

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“They are officially tone-deaf. They think they’re being tongue and cheek but it’s not and comes off as disrespectful,” a user said of the new trailer.

“Lmao the new character is literally a hacker! And they show her in the official cinematic with wall hacks! Can’t make this up,” another said.

An anti-cheat system has been the biggest requested feature for Warzone, bar none. Clips of multiple hackers being banned in a single match aren’t rare, but the problem still persists.

It will be interesting if Activision brings some measure in Season 5 to combat Warzone hackers since they have one starring in the trailer, but that remains to be seen.

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