Warzone justice served as multiple hackers get banned live during wild match

Activision / Pexels, EKATERINA

Call of Duty: Warzone is plagued by hackers in the highest lobbies and a streamer shows just how absurd the situation has gotten. In just one match, FaZe Nio saw five hackers, two of whom got banned mid-game.

Encountering a hacker in Warzone typically leads to death and then rage spectating. Once spectating, there are two dreamlike outcomes: 1) the hacker gets killed by a normal player and 2) the hacker gets banned.

While the former happens sometimes and is an understandably joyous cause for celebration when it does, the latter feels rarer. Streamers like TimTheTatMan have gotten a hacker banned live in the past, delighting the entire community.

But one match of Warzone is icing on the hacker cake. Not only does Nio get to watch two hackers get banned live, the entire situation is embodied in the fact that… three cheaters still remained in the game.

As you can see in Nio’s video, they run into a hacker that is as shameless as can be. Spinning in circles with silent aim activated, absolutely shredding people — it looks like the cheater is going to demolish the entire lobby.

Then, suddenly, they vanish from the game. And boom, cue another hacker, this time bizarrely showing off some sort of unlimited armor plating hack? Or maybe it’s a bug, no one can really be certain because poof, they get kicked as well.

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Warzone streamers are dealing with more hackers than ever.

While it’s exciting to see hackers get banned mid-game, this video raises questions. Sure, they could have also just signed out randomly — but that feels too coincidental to be true.

The overwhelming takeaway here is that, even when hackers do get banned, there are always more to take their place. If a game of Warzone can have two hackers banned, but still suffer from three more, then what does that mean about the big ban waves?

Warzone players enjoy the justice of some cheaters receiving the hammer of punishment, but it seems that there is much more to be done.