Warzone hackers are now flooding Verdansk with unreleased Zombie Dark Aether camos

Brad Norton
Warzone Dark Aether

Warzone’s hacking crisis has reached new levels in Season 4, with cheaters now terrorizing Verdansk with unreleased Zombies Dark Aether weapon camos.

Hackers are getting more creative as Warzone’s ongoing cheating crisis runs rampant in Season 4. We’ve already seen hacked accounts using their own custom skins, but now, they’re roaming through the battle royale with unreleased weapon camos as well.

When Warzone first merged with Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch confirmed that Zombies camos would be made available in the popular free-to-play title. Nine months on from Cold War’s release, however, and mastery camos like Dark Aether and Plague Diamond are still yet to be seen in Warzone.

With recent leaks, players discovered these highly anticipated camos were actually present in Warzone’s files. Taking matters into their own hands, hackers have now started using these skins ahead of an official release.

An hour into his August 2 Twitch stream, popular Warzone pro Repullze noticed something out of the ordinary. Dying to hackers was nothing new, but the way in which this particular hacker knocked him down was a sight to behold.

A cheater by the name of ‘iUnlockStuff’ was hip firing without a care in the world. Even while aiming at the floor, they were connecting shots across the map. Regardless of where they were in the map, no one appeared to be safe.

All the while, they were flaunting their cheats with an unreleased weapon camo.

Their gun came equipped with a bright purple skin unlike anything available in Warzone today. That skin just so happens to be the animated Zombies Dark Aether camo Treyarch promised at the release of Cold War.

“Cheaters managed to get Zombies Camos in the game before the devs?” popular Warzone YouTuber JGOD questioned on Twitter.

“Activision please,” Repullze said while watching the hacker mow down an entire lobby unchallenged. “I love this game but look at this.”

Evidently, the Dark Aether Zombies camo is fully functional in Warzone already. Hackers may have access today but everyone else will have to continue waiting for an official release. 

Activision is yet to announce when Zombies camos may finally be made available in Warzone. Dexerto will update you when that changes.