Warzone pro HusKerrs reveals go-to loadout from “world record” game

Warzone pro HusKerrs reveals go-to loadout from "world record" gameActivision / HusKerrs

Warzone star HusKerrs dropped an insane 61 kills record-setting game in Vanguard Royale Quads. Now, he’s revealed the go-to loadout he used for the Automaton and Welgun.

The meta in Warzone Pacific Season 2 has been anything but set in stone. With nerfs to the Bren and Mp-40 this has been one of the most diverse seasons in quite some time.

With nearly half of the Vanguard weapons popping up in the meta, different guns have shined as Raven Software continue to balance the game.

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Warzone pros have been debating which weapons should be the go-to but HusKerrs may have settled the argument after he dropped an insane 61 kill game.

HusKerrs reveals Warzone loadout in 61 kill game

On March 6 HusKerrs tweeted out that he set a new world record on Vanguard Royale Quads with 61 kills. While there is no way to confirm if this is actually a world record, it’s still an impressive mark nonetheless.

On top of the kill count, he was playing will fill teammates, so he had no external help other than his handy loadout.

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In a YouTube video, HusKerrs posted the entire gameplay from his match and in there he revealed which two guns are the best to use right now.

In the video, HusKerrs is seen using the Automaton, which was also used by Tommey in his $100k tournament win. While he didn’t reveal his attachments, from inspecting the weapon from his gameplay it appeared to be the same meta loadout that everyone is running, which you can find here.

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He paired it up with arguably the best SMG since the MP-40 nerf, the Welgun. The likes of TrueGameData has deemed this one of the deadliest subs in the game and HusKerrs put it on full display.

Again, he didn’t show his setup but expect it to be similar to the popular loadout players are running. So, if you’re struggling to figure out the Warzone meta this season, definitely give these two weapons a try.

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