HusKerrs slams Warzone hackusation channels for spewing “bullsh*t” to get clicks

HusKerrs in Twitch stream with Warzone logoTwitch: HusKerrs/Activision

Warzone pro Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas has called out YouTube channels that accuse pro players of hacking, slamming them for their damaging clickbait content. 

While the release of the ricochet anti-cheat engine has helped alleviate the number of hackers in Warzone, there are still a number of players that manage to slip through the net. As a result, it can sometimes be tricky to tell whether a player is just naturally talented at the game or actually using cheats to get an advantage. 

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Because of this, a number of hackusation channels like Call of Shame and BadBoy Beaman have risen in popularity. These channels target Warzone streamers and content creators who they believe are using hacks in-game. 

While this may sound like a noble cause, a false accusation can negatively impact a streamer’s reputation. HusKerrs recently called out these channels, explaining how they just spew “bullshit” for clicks. 

HusKerrs calls out Warzone hackusation channels

If you’ve played Warzone and are actively involved in the streaming community, then chances are you’ve seen clips that claim to uncover certain players cheating. While these clips often have very little info to go off outside of speculation, they can be extremely damaging to the streamers and pros they target.

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“It would be one thing if Call of Shame and BadBoy Beaman accused maybe one, maybe two people of cheating, but once they accused ten notable streamers of cheating – like, what do you think the odds are that there are eight to ten notable streamers cheating in Warzone?” 

The latest streamers to be labeled as cheaters by these channels are JoeWo, ZLaner, TimTheTatman, and Aydan. While it’s not uncommon for talented players to get accused of using hacks, the dogpiling that results from these viral clips can cause a lot of harm to those accused. 

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In fact, the amount of streamers that get highlighted by these channels is something that ZLaner believes is suspicious. “You think all eight of these people are getting away with it? Like, that should be the first sign that they’re just spewing bullsh*t out of their arse,” said HusKerrs. 

“I’m really tempted to believe that they both don’t actually think that all of these streamers actually cheat, they’re just doing it to get clicks. Like, the sad part is, they’re actually convincing people on YouTube that we do cheat.”

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Hopefully, Warzone 2 will feature a robust anti-cheat that makes it less likely for innocent players to get caught up in the drama, but for now, many of the game’s content creators simply have to deal with this frustrating situation.

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