HusKerrs defends rumored Warzone 2 movement change: “It’s just so broken”

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Warzone pro Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas has given his opinion on the game’s slide canceling and how he believes that the rumored changes will help bring more balance to the battle royale. 

Slide canceling is a big part of the current meta in Warzone. Not only does it give players enhanced mobility, but it can drastically impact your survivability. When this movement mechanic is utilized in conjunction with tac sprint and a snappy aim, there’s often little players can do to counter it. 

In fact, movement gods like Aydan and JoeWo have demonstrated just how potent this combination can be in Warzone. After all, running rings around your foes and being able to dodge incoming bullets is incredibly useful in any FPS

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However, not everyone is a fan of the movement meta and HusKerrs believes the rumored Warzone 2 slide canceling changes will ultimately lead to fairer matches. 

HusKerrs on Warzone 2 slide canceling removal

Modern Warfare Operators runningActivision
Combined with the tactical sprint, slide canceling makes players very hard to hit.

During his recent stream, Warzone pro HusKerrs was asked about his opinion on slide canceling and whether he thought it should be removed in Warzone 2. “Part of me wants there to be slide canceling because it is a skill gap,” said the pro player. 

However, HusKerrs does believe that console players do have an advantage when it comes to movement techniques, especially when compared to their PC counterparts. “Sometimes the movement people do is just so broken. Like, especially for a mouse player, it’s literally impossible to track.”  

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Whether slide canceling will be completely removed in Warzone 2 remains to be seen, but a senior Warzone developer has hinted at possible changes coming to slide canceling in the future, saying that he has been “looking for a good excuse to fix slide canceling for almost a year.”

Raven Software Senior Creative Director Ted Timmins posted about the topic on May 1, where he announced that he wants to find a “fix” for this “exploitable accessibility ceiling.”

Slide canceling has been divisive within the Warzone community for a while now, and like many players, HusKerrs and Scump have been vocal about seeing changes in the upcoming sequel. 

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