HusKerrs claims Warzone 2 devs only care about controller players as mouse lag continues

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Call of Duty has always been seen as a console game, and although improvements have been made in recent years for PC players, the emergence of mouse lag in Warzone 2 has pushed Huskerrs to call out Infinity Ward.

In the past, the PC releases of Call of Duty were not necessarily seen as the main focus in the community. The series has almost always focused primarily on console but its presence on PC has been growing over the last few years, particularly with the popularity of Warzone.

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As CoD grows, the dispute over which input is superior does too. This divide is especially controversial on PC where there is no option to disable crossplay in Warzone 2. The feature is exclusive to PlayStation consoles although there is a workaround on Xbox Series X/S.

HusKerrs is fed up with Warzone 2 mouse lag

HusKerrs took to Twitter to complain about the latest issue that he feels is handicapping mouse and keyboard players in Warzone 2. The Warzone pro has grown sick the the “mouse input issues,” that some players have been experiencing since launch.

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More specifically, HusKerrs is referring to the mouse latency problems that have been known to frustrate impacted MnK players. Those that suffer from this latency will have noticeable lag when trying to aim with a mouse which can make winning gunfights more difficult.

Not everyone agreed with HusKerrs’ take though. Warzone streamer Repullze insists input lag isn’t just a mouse and keyboard problem: “We got input delay too brotha. Went to [Fortnite] and it’s night and day how snappy it feels.”

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This is not the first time that HusKerrs has spoken out about the state of Warzone 2. As pointed out in this very tweet, HusKerrs thinks that this year’s buffs to aim assist and the increased visual recoil also hurt MnK players. His frustrations have even led the Warzone pro to consider switching to controller.

Maintaining a healthy balance between controller and mouse is not easy. Both inputs have their pros and cons and most FPS games that feature crossplay struggle with this. Given that most Call of Duty players use controllers it seems unlikely that the devs will be addressing HusKerrs complaints anytime soon.

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