Warzone pro HusKerrs might switch to controller due to “broken” aim assist

huskerrs smiling at cameraInstagram: HusKerrs

Warzone star HusKerrs has said that he frequently debates switching to controller instead of mouse & keyboard, becoming increasingly frustrated with how powerful aim assist is for controller players.

HusKerrs has been one of the biggest names in the battle royale genre for years now, consistently dominating tournaments across a number of different BR games.

Warzone is no different, with the Luminosity Gaming streamer ranking as the fifth-highest earner of all time in tournaments for the Call of Duty battle royale hit, raking in almost $350k since the game launched in March 2020.

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The aim assist debate has been one that’s raged on since way before Warzone even launched. It first became common when Fortnite crossplay launched, but it’s spanned across multiple games and, ironically, divided much of the playerbase as they debate the issue.

Now, HusKerrs has admitted that he frequently questions whether he should switch to controller, and that it’s “always floating in his head.”

He said: “Do I force myself to switch to controller and become a better player because of how broken AA is, or do I stay on MnK to keep my pride and prevent losing a group of viewers that enjoy watching MnK?

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Some other streamers responded to HusKerrs tweet, attempting to convince him one way or the other.

For example, Jukeyz told him that the “dark side awaits,” while ChocoTaco said that controller is best if he wants to win tournaments, but mouse & keyboard is “more satisfying & rewarding.”

Another streamer, bbreadman, posted a clip to Twitter that he got after switching to controller for one game, saying that “there’s no way this should be allowed.”

Whether HusKerrs actually does end up switching remains to be seen, but as a longtime opponent of aim assist in video games, he might be facing a pretty big moral battle with himself while deciding.

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