Swagg makes another wild Warzone butt tattoo promise for one simple change

. 4 months ago
Swagg makes another wild Warzone butt tattoo promise for one simple change

Warzone star Swagg has already tattooed Raven Software on his rear end after fulfilling a deal. Once again the streamer is making insane promises after guaranteeing to get the other side tatted if the devs bring back Verdansk. 

Swagg has never been one to shy away from a challenge. After he got ‘Raven Software’ tattooed on his bottom from the dev’s revert to the Loadout Drop change, people now know him as someone who’s ready to put it all on the line.

With Pacific Season 2 still having a plethora of problems, Swagg is swooping in to try and save the day once again.

But instead of simply asking nicely, he has escalated it again to ass-tats after tweeting out his latest wish for Warzone.

Swagg could be getting another butt tattoo

In a tweet from March 11, the Twitch sensation said he will get Raven Software tattooed on his other cheek “to bring Verdansk back.”

While Swagg was previously called a “hero” and “savior” for his actions to get the loadout change, fans are once again rallying behind the Nuke Squad gamer.

“Swagg hard carrying Warzone Community, man of the people!”one fan said. While another person added: “Definitely appreciate you taking one for the community.”

However, one Twitter user, GingeePlays, thinks Raven might use a loophole just to make Swagg get inked again.

“They’re gonna release a LTM just to claim your other cheek.” Since Swagg wasn’t specific on how long to bring back Verdansk this could be a great chance for the devs to troll him.

At this time, it’s truly unknown if Verdansk will ever appear in Warzone again. And with Warzone Mobile and the sequel on the horizon, that’s two more games that need a map. So maybe there’s a chance for Verdansk to fit in.

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