Warzone players furious as DMR nerfs actually make the gun more accurate

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Following highly anticipated nerfs to Warzone’s controversial DMR 14, players have lashed out at Raven Software after realizing the weapon is actually better in some ways than it was before.

While the Warzone community rejoiced as nerfs finally arrived for the DMR on January 6, it wasn’t all too long before the joy turned to frustration. A few hours after the patch and various players had determined that the gun’s recoil was surprisingly easier to control than before.

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Headshot damage has indeed been reduced as intended. Though the secondary nerf that looked to ‘increase recoil’ has had the opposite effect in practice.

Many players are reporting that they “can’t feel a difference.” Despite the slight damage adjustment, early reactions to the patch indicate the DMR will reign supreme for a little while longer.

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A collection of replies to our thread on the state of the DMR in Warzone.

In response to the patch breakdown, popular Warzone player NICKMERCS responded with a simple “W.”

Two hours later, however, he came back to update his opinion. “After playing, I take back my W and change it to an L.”

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The weapon being just as strong as usual was a common response in our initial thread on Twitter. “With every squad using 4 DMRs you’re still gonna get melted regardless,” one player said. “Still DMRzone man, feels bad,” another chimed in.

Reddit echoed the same sentiment with the community largely calling for another set of nerfs. “It’s done f*** all. Now we get to wait another month. Worst nerf ever.”

It’s still broken,” ‘beeker96’ explained. “They didn’t fix the real issues with the DMR like it’s stupid fast fire rate or extremely high damage at any range to the body. Thing will still 2-3 shot you to the body at distance.”

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The DMR has dominated Warzone’s meta for the majority of Season One. It took weeks for this first set of changes to arrive. Meaning it could be a while yet before the developers take further action. Though with such a strong backlash to the first wave of DMR nerfs, perhaps it won’t take quite as long the next time around.

If you’re hopping back into Warzone anytime soon, expect to still see the DMR more often than any other weapon. It may take another shot or two for players to be wiped out. Though these shots will come with more precision than they did before the update.

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