Warzone players demand buffs for “horrible” weapon class

Jacob Hale
warzone operator shooting player in water

Warzone players have called for an entire weapon class to be buffed, calling the guns “horrible” and questioning why the devs have made them so difficult to thrive with.

The Warzone meta has been fairly open since the Modern Warfare 3 integration, with a number of weapons viable in both long and short-range gunfights.

That said, there are some guns that have just never forayed into the meta or been given their chance to shine, and it’s typically because they just can’t go gun-for-gun against others, and many of these such weapons belong to a singular weapon class: the marksman rifles.

While marksman rifles have drifted in and out of the Warzone meta over the past 4 years, they’re really not enjoying a moment as things stand, especially after the wildly overpowered MTZ Interceptor got nerfed multiple times.

Warzone players want marksman rifles buffed

Because of this, a number of players have called for marksman rifles to be buffed, making them far more viable in the current meta.

“Before you get 3 shots off you’ve already been beamed down by a SMG in 1sec,” said SnooTigers8974 on Reddit. “How is it that SMGs is superior to MM rifles on range? No wonder these weapons aren’t used anywhere.”

Many of the comments were in agreement, that marksman rifles simply can’t compete against the meta LMGs and assault rifles, but there was one gun that many players vouched for and could be a sleeper: the DM56.

Whether the DM56 can truly compete with the likes of the RAM 7 or the Pulemyot isn’t really apparent, with some believing it can, but it hasn’t really spread across the meta in a way to really showcase whether that’s possible.

In a future update, developers Raven or Sledgehammer Games might opt to buff the marksman rifles, but for now, you might be at a bit of a disadvantage if you choose to use them.