Scrapped Warzone finisher would have let players teabag their enemies

Warzone gameplay with Halo teabaggingActivision / Bungie

While Activision has seemingly scrapped this content, leaked footage has revealed what a proper ‘teabag’ would look like as a Finishing Move in both Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Finishing Moves are all about adding insult to injury. You need to stand directly behind an opponent to get one going, meaning you’ve really outplayed your opposition. While most are harmless, some can really get your enemies seething.

Whether it’s having your pet dog come in to get the kill, or Captain Price flicking a cigar on the corpse of his foe, there’s a lot you can do to get on people’s nerves. Modern Warfare provided dozens of these unique animations that can be used across regular multiplayer and Warzone’s battle royale experience.

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Some have certainly toed the line in the past, though leaked footage has shown that Activision once wanted to go well beyond that line. It turns out they had a fully animated teabag emote ready to go.

Labeled as the ‘Bag ‘Em’ Finishing Move in the game’s files, the unreleased animation has you properly embarrassing your target. After stabbing them in the back, your enemy falls to the ground face up. From here, your chosen Operator politely crouches over them, chopping their crotch all the while.

It’s the age-old insult brought to life. Rather than mashing the crouch button to quickly teabag, this animation would have really let you assert dominance. 

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There’s no telling why it was never properly released into the game. Though the Finishing Move has seemingly been present in Modern Warfare’s files since Season 3. Developers put the work in to craft the unique animation but it hasn’t yet seen the light of day.

Perhaps it was deemed just a little too crude for the general public. Or maybe it’s being held for a future update down the line. Only time will tell if it ever makes it into Warzone.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare gameplayActivision
Teabagging has been a staple in gaming culture for many years now.

As with the development of any game, there’s always plenty of content cut throughout the process. Though this animation seems completely finished. So Activision had intended to release it at some stage.

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For now though, you’ll just have to do things the old-fashioned way. If you’re looking to ridicule your enemies, there’s nothing like some tactical crouching to get the job done.