Warzone devs finally confirm Renetti nerfs after community backlash

Shane Black
Warzone soldier using Renetti

Warzone fans were shocked to see the Renetti not get a nerf in the latest update, prompting the devs to address that the gun is going to be looked at.

The newest update to Warzone saw a handful of changes being made to the game, but players were not thrilled to see the Renetti not getting a nerf.

The Renetti has been dominating the meta of the game recently, causing players to wonder how a secondary weapon could outclass so many primary weapons available.

Their dislike for the current meta – and their complaints about it not being addressed in the update – are prompting the devs to address the issue.

When the update was announced on social media, the response was immediately directed towards the Renetti.

One user made their thoughts clear, saying: “Was it a typo that I didn’t see a Renetti nerf?”

Another player asks the devs: “Just listen to your player base one time…”

This led to Raven Software announcing they are working on “adjustments” to the Renetti that will be released “in the near future.”

This has Warzone players excited, calling the changes “amazing” and a “W!”

However, others are more frustrated that it hasn’t been fixed yet. As one person asks: “We understand, but is it really that hard to change the base damage amount per bullet down 2 or 3 points?”

One player seems to be fed up with the game and the frequency with which changes are being rolled out, saying, “Tbh we heard this before and it still took forever to nerf. All you have to do is disable the aftermarket attachment until you nerf it.”

What these changes are, and how the Warzone fanbase will react to them, remains to be seen. Players will just have to wait and see what happens when those changes are officially rolled out.

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