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Warzone fans fed up as frustrating menu bug prevents them from changing Operator

Published: 11/Oct/2021 7:19 Updated: 11/Oct/2021 10:44

by Brad Norton


The Warzone community is growing tired of yet another problem in the game’s menus as Operator skins appear bugged, preventing players from changing their current look.

Outside of the core game itself, Warzone has seen its fair share of issues just in the menus.

Recently, players have been frustrated with the Season 6 patch and its glitchy menu update, for instance. Now, a more alarming problem is coming into focus.

With each big update comes new cosmetic items and flashy skins, whether it be in the Battle Pass or included in seasonal events. While hackers can get their hands on them early, the average player now has a chance of being locked out from their purchases altogether.


Operator menus are bugging out in the latest update, as more and more players are being left without an option to change their appearance.

Various characters and their skins now appear greyed out in Warzone’s menus. As a result, players are left with limited options, despite what they may have paid for with cash or grinded to unlock the hard way.

This bug appears to impact Operators across both Black Ops and Modern Warfare, with seemingly no characters safe from being locked out at random.

For some, this is a new error only just popping up in Season 6. For others, however, it’s allegedly been an issue for quite some time.


“This has been bugging me for a week or two now,” one player chimed in on Reddit.

“Been dealing with this since Season 5,” another explained. “Some skins I purchased cannot be accessed because of this bulls***.”

While it may be a longstanding issue for some, hopefully it won’t be around for much longer. Raven Software is on the case with a fix already scheduled, according to their public Trello board.

There’s no telling exactly when the fix might come into effect, nor if it will do the trick right away. Rest assured though, the devs are well aware that you might not have access to your skins at this point in time.