Warzone fans demand Combat Scout changes amid “unbalanced” perk meta

. 9 months ago
Warzone character with Combat Scout highlight
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Some Call of Duty: Warzone fans still want Combat Scout to be changed as they’re “forced” to use Cold Blooded as a counter, taking away variety from loadouts. 

In the past year, Warzone has undergone some pretty drastic changes, with many of these aimed at shaking up the weapon and loadout meta in the battle royale.

One of the biggest changes was the introduction of two Warzone-specific perks – Combat Scout and Tempered – with the former becoming a huge annoyance for players as it gave away their position when shot, if only briefly.

Upon release, the perk was branded “horrific” and “overpowered” by players and content creators alike, and their hands were basically forced into running Cold Blooded as a hard counter. Though, that has continued to upset Warzone fans.

Warzone loadout guide
Warzone’s meta is constantly shifting with every update to the game.

The Combat Scout perk is still run by plenty of players – having a nearly 30% pick rate according to stats from WZRanked – and complaints are still pretty common, even from those who run the perk in their loadouts.

Redditor zfluffz again touched on the topic of the perk’s power, claiming that it is still “OP” regardless of any counters that players may use. “Being forced to pick one perk (to counter) is unbalanced. Like how suppressors are OP because you are forced to use them on every single build, or how dead silence is OP because only one perk counters it,” they said.

Some players quickly agreed, with one noting that the perk gives players an offensive boost – which they probably didn’t need – and others saying that running the perk with FMJ can be ridiculously powerful.

Of course, not everyone agrees with that sentiment and will just run Cold Blooded regardless, but then again that plays into the point about things becoming stale because you’re only using one perk.

Not everyone will go along with the meta and may even choose three of the lesser picked perks, but it’s clear that certain groups of players want at least some changes to be made.

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