Warzone player goes viral on TikTok with “unthinkable” self-oop grenade win

Theo Salaun
Activision / Wikimedia Commons

A Call of Duty: Warzone player shocked his Rebirth Island teammates and went viral on TikTok with the most ridiculous game-winning play ever. A literal, off-the-backboard, self-alley-oop grenade throw that needs to be seen to be believed.

Cooking frag grenades has long been a mechanic in shooting games. The dangerous balls of fire take a certain amount of time to detonate, so you can hold them in your hand in before throwing in order to make sure they explode on impact.

If you don’t cook the frag, then it will bounce around until boom time comes. And that’s precisely what TikTok’s ‘lowkeyprimal’ took advantage of in what might be the most absurd and disrespectful game-winner in Warzone history.

As the last alive in his four-man squad, primal’s teammates promised to follow if he won the game. So he decided to do so, but in style.

Warzone TikTok goes viral for unbelievable grenade game-winner

To be completely honest, we had to rewatch this video and check the comments to fully understand what happened.

Facing one last enemy, primal runs away after getting shot and losing all armor, picking up a frag grenade in the process. Then, essentially using his low-health self as bait, he throws the grenade against the wall, catches it, and throws it into the building.

A moment later, there’s a gasp from the teammates as the grenade explodes and kills the pursuing enemy. He literally bounced the nade off the wall to himself and then dunked it on a poor victim, like an off-the-backboard self-alley-oop.

warzone frag grenade
Who knew the frag grenade could be so versatile…

As far as disrespectful Warzone game-winners go, this just might take the cake. It was bad enough when TeeP ran circles around enemies until they quit, but to throw an explosive ball at yourself first? Outlandish.

The reactions from primal’s teammates basically summed it up, with a mix of screaming, laughing, and one perfect “what the f**k.”