Warzone devs nerf Krampus in response to community backlash

call of duty warzone pacific krampusActivision

After days of complaints, Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific’s holiday demon, Krampus, is getting nerfed. The mythical monster was troubling players enough that Raven Software are toning things down for the Festive Fervor event.

Within less than a week of Caldera’s holiday break, fans have already grown weary of Krampus. The extended festivities are expected to last for about two more weeks and players have been hoping to get rid of the uninvited, horned guest.

While Krampus did earn some appreciation for his efforts in killing a rare hacker, that doesn’t seem to have made up for his other behavior. The demon attacks teams seemingly at random, with so much health that he verges on invincible.

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So, rather than get rid of the big brute altogether, Raven Software have heeded the complaints and nerfed the beast.

Warzone devs nerf Krampus for rest of Festive Fervor event

In a December 21 tweet, Raven confirmed Krampus will be less of a bother by Christmastime. The devs are nerfing his health “significantly” across every mode (scaled to squad size). 

And, since nerfed health might mean as much to players already struggling in the late-game, they’ve also gone ahead and told Krampus to sit out the final circles. Now, Krampus will not spawn into games “after the fourth circle.”

krampus call of duty warzone pacificActivision
Krampus has made his presence felt, a little too strongly, across Caldera.

This news is already well-received by fans of the game, who have replied with appreciations like “thank you so much” and “we love this for you.”

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Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be good-enough news for many. A number of the replies come from console players who are still struggling to even play the game, let alone fight Krampus.

With players responding to Raven’s tweet asking for console fixes, it’s clear that Krampus isn’t the only thing ruining the holidays.