How to kill Krampus in Warzone: Guns, strats, and rewards


If you want to keep Krampus from ruining your Warzone games, here’s how to take him down during Call of Duty’s Festive Fervor event.

One of the more controversial additions to Vanguard Season 1 during the holidays has been Krampus. The Christmas monster has been ruthlessly hunting down players since the December 16 update.

The good news is though that while he is a formidable foe, Krampus isn’t invincible. Here, we’ll go over the weapons and strats that will give you the best chance of slaying this beast, and reaping the rewards for doing so.

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How to kill Krampus in CoD Warzone

Festive Fervor will be much merrier once you learn not to fear ol’ Krampus.

Krampus, being a mythological creature, won’t go down to just any kind of weapon, you’ll need the heaviest Vanguard has to offer. That means LMGs are your best bet when taking him on.

The DP27, MG24, Type 11, or Bren gun will be perfectly suited to slaying this Christmas beast. Krampus is a literal bullet sponge, so the large magazines and damage output from LMGs are perfect for the task.

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Firepower will only get you part of the way to downing the demon though, you’ll also need a bit of strategy as well. Luckily, it won’t be too hard to do on Caldera.

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All you need to make sure of when taking on Krampus is that there’s enough open space to not get cornered, and keep track of his movements. So basically, make sure to only take him on outside, use trees as cover, and you’ll have no problem getting the rewards he drops.

Krampus Warzone Rewards

Krampus invisibleActivision
Krampus drops some nice rewards for Warzone players who can take him down.

If you’re able to kill Krampus within the time limit, you’ll gain some very helpful loot. Upon being downed he’ll grant 2000 XP, drop $10,000 in cash, and a Munitions Box to fill you up your weapons after the fight.

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Krampus might look scary, but once you know how to take him on, he really just becomes a festive way to farm cash and XP.

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