Warzone players overjoyed as Krampus kills hacker who bypassed anti-cheat

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Hackers have become relatively rare in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific. But, after one did manage to get past Ricochet Anti-Cheat, players were delighted to see Krampus take matters into his own, demonic hands.

Few things are more satisfying than a win in Warzone. But you know what just might take the cake? Seeing a cheater lose

That was the emotion felt by the battle royale’s community after a hacker snuck past Ricochet Anti-Cheat and into Caldera. In a video shared to Reddit, the aforementioned cheater is seen trying to kill people – but with an obstacle before them.

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Krampus, the controversial figure who has become the bane of players’ existence, was said obstacle. The demon hunted the hacker, killing them, and forcing them into the “most satisfying” death possible.

Warzone fans delighted as Krampus kills hacker

As you can see in the clip, the player being spectated appears to be hacking. While Krampus hunts them, they still throw Kar98k shots at others, seemingly hitting a headshot with every single snap.

But Krampus wasn’t standing for that behavior and provided some in-game anti-cheat himself. The demon beat the hacker to death and, after their self-revive, is heard roaring after them – forcing the cheater to jump away in fear and fall to their death.

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krampus call of duty warzone pacificActivision
Krampus has made his presence felt across CoD Vanguard and Warzone.

The original poster of the clip, ‘TylerMaillet’ called it a “satisfying” death. And others seemed to agree, with commenters calling the entire spectacle “amazing” and the like.

While Krampus historically doesn’t have many fans in the CoD community during his brief stint as an NPC, things may be changing. This fight was enough to spur some appreciation for the creature’s origin story, as one commenter summarized: “In mythology, Krampus scares and beats naughty children. Today, we see it for real.”

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