Warzone players blast “unplayable” problems ahead of Season 3 launch

Connor Bennett
Warzone character riding qud through Caldera

Warzone players claim the battle royale is currently “unplayable” on console as some of the biggest issues with Caldera continue to persist. 

The integration between Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone was supposed to be a big leap forward for the battle royale, given that the iconic Verdansk map was finally being replaced and plenty of new items were being added. Though, it hasn’t quite worked like that.

Since the arrival of Caldera, players have urged the devs to make massive changes due to graphical and gameplay issues – with many suggesting that Verdansk should return if they can’t figure things out before Warzone 2 drops.

Well, it appears as if some of those issues are continuing to give players headaches, especially on console, as some fans are giving up on the battle royale until they get ironed out.

call of duty warzone pacific caldera
Caldera brought much new content to Warzone, including weapons and a new Gulag.

For many players, including Redditor patriotraitor, they believe that the console experience is still “slow and sluggish” compared to their PC counterparts, which puts them at a massive disadvantage in crossplay matches.

” I’ve come to the realization that Warzone itself isn’t fully optimized for console, and if anything, feels terrible sluggish, slow, and borderline unplayable when matched up against mostly PC players,” stated the Redditor, who noted that even switching to Rebirth Island feels “stiff” versus PC.

Plenty of players echoed their frustrations too, stating that they’re still having trouble getting textures to load on Caldera. “The textures are terrible and the reticle for my sniper doesn’t appear at all,” said one. “PC and Console do not belong in FPS lobbies together, added another.

Console players are not alone in their issues, with some PC users noting that they’ve had problems with stuttering gunfights and regular random crashes in recent weeks.

Raven Software and Activision have promised to continue rolling out optimization updates to make the battle royale run smoothly, though, it appears as if they’re going to need to make them pretty frequent with Season 3 on the horizon.