Warzone players claim it’s “unplayable” after MW3 launch

Connor Bennett
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Warzone players have claimed that the battle royale is now “unplayable” in the wake of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s launch, and they’re hoping it’s addressed sooner rather than later. 

After months of waiting, the Call of Duty community finally got its hands on Modern Warfare 3 on November 10, but things have been a little mixed. 

The campaign of the MW3 reboot has been panned, and the game has received the lowest review score of the franchise. On the multiplayer side of things, players have enjoyed the return to the maps from MW2 (2009), but also criticized the skill-based matchmaking system yet again

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If you’re more inclined to just play Warzone, however, you’ve got to wait until December for MW3 to take over. That wait, some players believe, has created a bit of turbulence and made it tough to play the battle royale in its current state. 

Warzone players furious about state of battle royale amid MW3 launch

With much of the CoD devs’ focus being overtaken by Modern Warfare 3, Warzone fans have been left a little dismayed. 

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Many have claimed it’s “unplayable” due to a recent round of server issues. There has been constant lag while moving about the map, with players being pulled all over the place by the hiccups. 

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“Trying to have a few games tonight & the packet burst is just horrendous. Not even remotely playable,” said one player. “More than likely they’re just pouring all their resources into MW3. It’s what they do,” another added. “They really f*cking up everything,” commented another. 

Some added that the issues have gone further than lag, with the performance of their games dropping off a cliff. “I lost like -40 FPS on Al Mazrah and the MWII benchmark is showing decreased performance too. Went from 190 avg FPS to 145-150 on 13700K & 3080Ti,” one noted

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Others noted that MW3 has also had similar server issues, and it’s likely an influx of new players onto a new batch of servers causing headaches. Hopefully, things get ironed out sooner rather than later.

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