MW3 players furious as game is “garbage” after Season 2 update

Shay Robson
MW3 soldier firing gun at enemyCall of Duty

Modern Warfare 3 players are furious with the current state of the game, claiming it’s “garbage” after the Season 2 update.

MW3’s long-awaited Season 2 update was a bit of a relief for players, bringing some massive changes and tons of additions to the popular first-person shooter.

The update introduced several new 6v6 maps — Stash House, Departures, and Vista — all of which have been fairly well received by the community.

However, players are furious with the overall current state of the game following the Season 2 patch.

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MW3 players slam game as “garbage” after Season 2 update

In a Reddit post on February 12, one MW3 player lashed out with their frustrations, explaining the game feels like “sh*t” after Season 2’s release. “I cannot figure out why the game feels like absolute dog sh*t after the update, connection issues aside I’m talking about just general movement and gameplay,” they wrote.

“Running and movement feels so sluggish, I’m constantly getting stutter step like my tac sprint is getting interrupted mid-sprint, which gets me killed,” the player explained. “My aim just randomly gets stuck on nothing, as if there was someone in front of me and my aim assist is slowing on them but no one is actually there.”

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They added: “Worst of all is this f**king delay I get when switching to a sidearm. Any time I switch to a pistol and try to shoot there is a huge delay before my gun actually shoots.”

Despite the issues, the players explained they were still enjoying the game. But, others are also experiencing the same problems.

“I have noticed it plays like shit and so has my group that I play with. We usually win about 80 percent of our games when we are partied up but have been losing damn near every game since,” one player wrote in the replies. “I feel like I just can’t kill anyone all of a sudden.”

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As many more explained, their slide settings were somehow changed in the Season 2 update, adding to their frustrations. But, with movement and various weapons being hit with nerfs in the patch, it’s a given that players are feeling the differences.

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