Warzone players baffled by Iron Trials removal and want it back


Season 5 of Warzone brought one of the community’s favorite LTM to date, Iron Trials ‘84. Despite its success players are mindblown by the decision made to remove it from the game. 

When the patch notes for Season 5 dropped, players were made aware of a LTM called Iron Trials ‘84 that would only be around for a little while.

This mode brought a new twist to Warzone giving players more health, less equipment, and making it harder to purchase utility. This created a skill gap that the player base was in love with.

While the LTM was live the community gave it great reviews and praised how the game played out. So much, that they wanted it to stay forever, but now that it’s gone people are left confused at the decision.

warzone iron trialsActivision
Iron Trials was removed from Warzone on September 30, 2021.

Warzone players confused over decision to remove Iron Trials

Players were saddened when realizing that Raven Software actually went ahead with their plan to remove Iron Trials. Even though this was one of the game’s highest praised LTM it was still taken away from the players and people are asking questions.

In this Reddit thread, “How is removing Iron Trials a good idea?” the community went back and forth trying to understand why the devs took Iron Trials away.

Warzone Iron Trials Activision
Iron Trials was removed from the game and players are confused why the devs decided to remove the highly praised mode.

One comment said, “Been looking for this post. Iron Trials was so perfect it’s made regular BR unplayable for me. Everyone annoy @RavenSoftware on Twitter please.”

It’s not that the community’s angry with the devs, just baffled that they didn’t listen to the community and let this mode stick around longer.

Another person said, “Yeah I agree. I’m hoping they plan on bringing it back as some kind of ranked or competitive mode with the integration. It was the change Verdansk needed.” While Warzone currently doesn’t have a ranked mode, some think Iron Trials can fill that void.

For now, players are left with the hope of it returning and it could as Raven Software did hint that Iron Trials customs will be coming in the future. So there is a chance it can return to the game as a regular mode.