Warzone devs confirm Iron Trials coming to custom games for tournaments

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Warzone devs Raven Software have confirmed that Iron Trials ‘84 will be coming to custom lobbies soon, and we could see a shake-up of custom tournaments to give top competitors something new to face off in.

The Iron Trials mode was only added to the game in mid-September, giving a more nuanced Warzone experience with increased health, increased Buy Station prices and more.

The community likes it but, more so, competitive players really seem to be enjoying it, with the belief that it’s heightened the skill gap in the game to truly separate the best from the rest.

With some arguing that Iron Trials sets the perfect blueprint for the future of Warzone esports tournaments, Raven have answered the prayers of players.

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The Iron Trials ’84 mode could be one of the hardest BR modes ever.

Iron Trials custom tournaments

YouTuber and Call of Duty guru JGOD called for Iron Trials to come to customs, asking for it to arrive in the September 23 playlist update.

In response, Raven said that “Iron Trials will remain live through [September] 30.” They then added: “As for customs… it’s not coming tomorrow is all we can say for now.”

With multiple calls for the mode to become a permanent ranked mode in Warzone, it’s definitely curious that they’re removing it from the game. However, with the hint that it’s coming to customs at some point, players can still certainly hold out hope.

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One tournament organizer, BoomTV, already seems to have committed to bringing Iron Trials customs in, so players will be hoping to see how it plays out before long.

While there’s no specific release date yet — except for the confirmation that it won’t arrive in the September 23 playlist update — we’ll just have to wait. Hopefully, though, it won’t be long after the mode is removed on September 30.