Warzone player shows why crossbow could be the most underrated weapon

call of duty crossbow lying downActivision

The Warzone meta is constantly changing, and staying on top of it can give you a great advantage. Sometimes though, experimenting with other weapons can be beneficial, as one CoD Warzone player proved with an insane crossbow display.

Over the years, the Warzone meta has changed constantly, from the dark days of DMRZone to the Burst Rifle and MAC-10 meta. The devs are always tinkering with their toys which leads to some guns rising to the occasion and some falling from grace like the AMAX did.

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Warzone Pacific has kept Caldera fairly balanced so far, with some notable exceptions such as the Bren, Automaton, and Cooper Carbine. Amidst the sea of 100+ guns that Warzone now has, there is always a hidden gem waiting to be uncovered and the Crossbow might just be it.

screenshot of warzone pacific caldera mapActivision
There’s more than one way to skin a cat in Warzone.

Warzone crossbow could be meta option

The Crossbow’s pick rate isn’t anywhere near as high as many other guns in the game, probably because of the skill gap required to use it.

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Like Sniper Rifles, the Crossbow demands a high degree of accuracy to use due to its bolt-action nature. But as Reddit user DaveyDST has proven, some competent firing can lead to some truly outstanding gameplay.

In a compilation video, they showed the versatility of the weapon with insane shots whilst flying and accurate arrows in intense 1v1 situations.

Along with the Crossbow, they also sported a Riot Shield to absorb a few clips before either unleashing a barrage of bolts or trapping an enemy player in the poison of a Gas Grenade.

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Warzone Reddit users were impressed with the nature of the loadout and gameplay, especially as the player scored 15 kills en route to a Warzone Victory!

“You sir are a gloriously terrible human being. Kill me with that loadout and I will angrily applaud the hell out of you,” joked one user. Another said: “I absolutely love that you aren’t playing like a rat to win with this. You’re out there with 15 kills like a mad man! Love it.”

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There’s more than one way to get the job done in Warzone, but it shows that you can land high-kill games and pick up dubs with stringently sticking to the meta.

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