Warzone player reveals “OP” trick to win game with PDS & vehicle

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone pacific gas

A Call of Duty: Warzone player discovered a sneaky maneuver with the PDS System field upgrade and a vehicle. He’s now demonstrated this trick for the community and people are ready to try it out themselves.

Warzone’s PDS (Portable Decontamination Station) field upgrade was a new addition in Season 2 and is gradually becoming more popular. Essentially acting as an air purifier, the item allows players to withstand the noxious gasses for a little bit of time – which can prove critical when used at the right time.

While the PDS isn’t nearly as popular as field upgrades like Trophy System and Dead Silence, people are learning how to take advantage of its potential.

After one player showed how you can combine it with a Redeploy Balloon for wild rotations, another is now revealing its upside when coupled with a vehicle. Posted to Reddit by ‘TeeshTV,’ the trick instantly gained traction with the community.

Warzone trick uses PDS & vehicle for game-winning play

Overall, the trick is a very simple and intuitive one, but PDS systems are new to the game so many might not have considered it. Basically, you can throw a PDS onto your vehicle – the same way you would with a Trophy System.

Once you have a PDS on the vehicle, it becomes literally portable. In Teesh’s case, this meant he could quickly rotate out of the circle and into the gas, before driving back into some enemies from an angle they couldn’t possibly predict.

With Teesh pulling the enemies’ attention, his team was able to rotate forward without getting held. That bought them enough space to push up and take shots, as he drove into the enemies from behind – downing one and then getting out of the car to finish the rest.

call of duty warzone pacific pds field upgrade
Warzone’s PDS system is a new field upgrade in Season 2.

While movement and gun skill are critical in Call of Duty, Warzone also rewards players who think outside of the box. People immediately appreciated Teesh’s “OP” trick, with one responding “damn, what a play through the gas.”

Another took this rotation strategy as inspiration for their next session: “Dang I am excited to get home and try this.”