Warzone 2 DMZ player discovers ultimate “pay-to-win” ambush strategy

Gaz in Modern Warfare 2 moving through a wooded area.Activision

One clever Warzone 2 DMZ player has stumbled onto a “pay-to-win” strategy that helped him set up an incredible Exfiltration Zone ambush.

DMZ can be a grueling game mode for solo players or those who have lost their squadmates. When things get tough, being passive and allowing other squads to make mistakes is often the only thing left to do.

As it turns out, some Operator skins make that a much easier thing to pull off than others. One TikToker has found a “pay to win” strategy that helped him execute an unbelievable ambush on an unsuspecting team.

Warzone 2 DMZ “pay to win” Operator skin sets up wild ambush

ON1C was laying by the Exfil location when the stars aligned. A full team had rushed right towards him in a blind hurry to get on the plane and get out of Dodge.

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In their bullrush, they failed to notice him lurking nearby. Once they boarded, he sprung his trap, stealing their vehicle and using the turret on top to dispose of them all in record time.

While this play had a chance of working without it, ON1C believes his ghillie suit made all the difference in the squad overlooking him.

There are a number of these suits in the game and they all require a purchase of some kind. Whether that’s in a bundle or via outside promotions (like the now-closed Jack Link’s code redemption) they’re not available to everyone equally.

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The only way to get them now is to either hunt down one of four Jack Link’s codes or buy one of the various bundles (Overgrown, Overgrown 2, VII: Sloth, or Raid) that contain a specific suit.

While ON1C originally called the outfit overpowered, there was a bit of debate about the topic.

“It’s not overpowered if it’s doing exactly what it’s meant to do,” one fan commented.

It may not be too strong, but hiding a game-changing suit behind a paywall could be quite the risk for the MW2 developers.