Warzone streamer uses new PDS Field Upgrade to make absurd gas rotation

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone pacific pds field upgrade

One of the quietest additions in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 2 update was the PDS Field Upgrade. Now, though, players are discovering just how useful the PDS can be for formerly impossible gas rotations.

Warzone Pacific Season 2‘s PDS Field Upgrade can seem confusing. If you found one, without knowing what it was, you’d probably think it was some sort of air humidifier – which seems nice, but not too useful on a battlefield.

In reality, the PDS equipment does actually help with air quality. An initialism for Portable Decontamination Station, the trifecta of tanks release air that purifies the surrounding environment by filtering noxious gas.

Like Apex Legends’ Heat Shield, the PDS Field Upgrade lets players survive outside of the circle’s safety for a brief period of time. As we’re already finding out, this can be used for impressive rotations.

Warzone streamer uses PDS for wild gas rotation

Being absolutely pinned between a rock and a hard place, Speros and his teammates had the gas against their backs and an enemy team holding their only exit forward. 

Fortunately, they had a couple of PDS systems in the arsenal. Speros dropped one, allowing the team to catch a breather, and then a teammate dropped a second, buying them even more survivability.

By the time both PDS Field Upgrades had been exhausted, the team holding Speros and Co. had already left the perils of the gas themselves. Additionally, the group found a Redeploy Balloon – allowing them to escape the gas and re-enter the circle completely.

warzone pds field upgrade
Warzone Pacific Season 2’s new P.D.S. Field Upgrade may have fallen under the radar, but is now making impressions.

While players have complained about Caldera’s wide expanses of open terrain, which make it easier to be held by enemies, the game’s new features seem to be making rotations easier. 

Both the Redeploy Balloons and PDS Field Upgrades are inspired by Apex Legends and their additions are already opening up the Pacific’s strategies. At the moment, players seem to still be learning what they can pull off with the new features – and the early results are very intriguing.