Strange Warzone 2 vehicle trick makes driving much easier

Warzone 2 squad's are at optimal power when in control of a vehicle.Activision

This surprising Warzone 2 vehicle trick makes driving easier than normal and could be a lifesaver in a desperate situation.

Warzone 2’s vehicles are notoriously difficult to drive. Since launch fans have launched neverending complaints over their preference for the vehicle style of its predecessor.

While there’s been no word from Infinity Ward or Raven Software on whether or not they’re considering changes to the game’s driving mechanics, this tip does make it significantly easier to make sharp turns and to drift around objects in the short term.

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Warzone 2 vehicle trick makes driving way easier

This trick comes from TikToker GamingUtopia who showed it off on January 28.

All that it requires is for someone to shoot out the back tire of a vehicle (in this case a hatchback) and then drive as they normally would.

Although it may seem counterintuitive at first, it does make a difference in handling and the effect is undeniable when making incredibly sharp turns. Commenters also reported that the effect is even stronger when driving on sand.

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In the video, Utopia remarks that it feels more like driving in the original Warzone, and while it’s not a 1-to-1 experience, it certainly does feel closer to those cars.

We’ve confirmed this works on the hatchback and to a lesser degree on the Chop Top but results were lackluster on heavier vehicles.

This information will come in handy often though, as the beefier and better-protected cars will often be hotly contested.

While the other two may not sponge up bullets, being more agile can be a worthwhile tradeoff for anyone trying to make a dastardly escape.

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It’s important to only shoot out a single tire though, as blowing out both of them will render the car virtually useless and send anyone inside careening into a wall, guard rail, or off of a mountainside.

Combining this with IceManIsaac’s tips on how to use vehicles in combat could be an absolute game-changer for the average player.