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Warzone Pacific could finally fix broken rock climbing with new Caldera map

Published: 1/Dec/2021 14:46

by Andrew Highton


The impossible act of climbing rocks in Warzone could be a thing of the past in Caldera, with the Warzone Pacific & Vanguard Season One trailer hinting at a possibly ground-breaking change for the game.

If you’ve ever played Warzone, then it’s likely you’ve had at least one run-in with Verdansk’s frustrating rocks. The awkward, jagged rocks that are impossible to climb and can cause you to become trapped in the gas. We’ve all been there.

Gamers have been crying out for the longest time for a change to be made to them. Whilst it appears that Verdansk will never get to see that change, Caldera just might.


The Warzone Pacific & Vanguard Season One trailer has shown off the map, its POIs, and hopefully the ability to rock climb.

During the Season One trailer, there comes a point in it where the narrator says: “Survey the land from above by climbing natural rock formations.”

Of course, rocks have been a huge source of frustration for players, with the ability (or lack thereof) to climb them often leaving players confused as to where they can and can’t climb.

One player who found this a significant moment of interest was JGOD, who initially took a second or so to process what was just said. “Natural…OH, they said you can climb rocks?!” The change of tone felt like one of excitement and hopefulness as he’s been an advocate of changes to the rocks.


One commenter said: “I’m not holding my breath. I still get PTSD from being stuck in Quarry and zone pulls north.” It would make sense for players to finally be able to climb rocks and would go with other new gameplay changes such as loadout drop alterations and nerfs to Dead Silence and Stun Grenades.

There’s been no official comment from Raven regarding the rocks as yet. They’ve also not been mentioned in the official patch notes for Warzone Pacific Season 1.

Unless something is announced, then we’ll have to wait until Caldera’s December 9 release date to see if rocks are now indeed climbable.