Warzone hackers are creating their own custom Operator skins in Season 3

. 1 year ago
Warzone leatherface gameplay

Warzone’s hacking problem appears to be reaching all-new levels in Season 3 as cheating players are now dropping into Verdansk with their own custom Operator skins.

Ever since Warzone’s release, there’s no denying that hackers have been a major issue. From wallhacks to aimbots and everything in between, we’ve seen all sorts of problems over the past 15 months.

Despite blocking more than 500,000 accounts to date, hackers continue to find new ways to terrorize Verdansk. The latest evolution is something completely different though.

Rather than focusing efforts on new tools to help them win, hackers have started developing custom skins in Warzone. You’ll be able to spot a hacking account from miles away thanks to their new designs.

After playing through a standard match on June 2, Reddit user ‘jherbz87’ noticed something out of the ordinary. The winning player flew out in a helicopter while wearing a bizarre, pink suit.

Bugged textures covered them head to toe as the hacker completely stood out in Verdansk. Seeing this bright figure across the map means you’ll be more than likely be downed in a matter of seconds.

“Beware of pink suit hackers,” the player warned, indicating that this might not be exclusive to just one cheating player. Entire groups of Warzone hackers could be using this tactic to make themselves feared across the battle royale.

There’s no telling exactly how they managed to alter a skin’s appearance, though it’s clear hackers are capable of more than just shooting impossibly straight.

Many others chimed in to add that they’ve encountered similar pink skins over recent sessions. If hackers are able to change one Operator design, it’s safe to assume they could change the rest. So be on the lookout for any strange characters out in the wild.

If you notice a completely original look, run for the hills and try to avoid the cheater as best you can; it’s most likely a Warzone hacker.

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