Who is Repullze? Warzone streamer with more Twitch subs than Swagg & TimTheTatman

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A relatively random Call of Duty: Warzone streamer, Repullze, has soared past 40,000 Twitch subscribers and up to sixth most-subs on the platform overall — giving him more than household names like TimTheTatman and Swagg.

Twitch is a very competitive world to get your footing in, but once you’ve solidified your audience and genre, the sky’s the limit. Similarly, Call of Duty’s battle royale, Warzone, has become an incredibly competitive genre itself — with hundreds of talented streamers vying for viewers’ attention daily.

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Near the top of Twitch’s Warzone category, you find streamers like TimTheTatman and Swagg. The former has 6.4 million followers on Twitch and another 2.4 million on Twitter, the latter has 1.5 million on Twitch and 321.6K on Twitter. Somehow, some way, both have thousands fewer subscribers than Repullze — who has…93K followers on Twitch and 19K on Twitter.

On April 8, Repullze’s community, known as the Sexy Boys Club, proved just how generous and passionate they are by getting the streamer to 40K subs, sixth-most on the platform. For context, despite having so many more followers across platforms, TimTheTatman has 35.1K and Swagg has 19.1K. 

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Who is Repullze? Captain of the Sexy Boys Club

If you’ve tuned into Swagg or DiazBiffle’s streams at any point, you’ve probably noticed Repullze — or, as they call him, Hector. A ball of ‘romantic’ energy, he and LuckyChamu are often flying around causing mayhem and making inappropriate sounds at maximum energy.

With Lucky and Biffle, Repullze forms a triumvirate known as the Baka Bros. The trio has held tournaments together, played countless streams with top streamers like NICKMERCS and Aydan, while building out their own communities the entire time. They drop 30- and 40-bombs on the regular, despite seeming less focused than a muddy camera lens.

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For Repullze, that community seems to have taken things to a new, top-10 level. Following a ridiculous 30,384 gifted subs in February, the Sexy Boys Club has soared up the Twitch standings — reaching sixth overall on April 8.

Such a large surge in subscribers is sure to come with question marks, especially for a streamer who averages about 1.4K viewers — far fewer than the big names his sub count has surpassed. Repullze appears acutely aware of that, poking fun at those who think he uses a sub bot when accounts like “subbot12345678929” randomly gift him 50 subs.

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It’s unclear exactly what has driven Repullze’s flight up the Twitch subs rankings. It could be him slapping his own derriere, jamming out to music, or distorting his voice so he sounds like an airplane pilot on the intercom while flying a helicopter.

Whatever it is, the Baka Bros don’t seem to have been lying when they said they were going to the moon.

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