Dark Aether in Warzone? New datamined leaks show off upcoming Zombies camos

warzone zombies camos dark aether first lookActivision

Call of Duty players have been fiending to use Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies camos in Warzone. And there’s good news: a data miner has leaked that the files are added and given first looks at Dark Aether and more.

When Black Ops Cold War’s guns were added to Warzone, many players were excited by the idea of getting Treyarch’s unique cosmetics in the game. While Modern Warfare’s rarest camos included Obsidian and Damascus, Cold War has sparkly Diamond and seemingly living Dark Matter versions.

The normal Diamond and Dark Matter skins did make it to Verdansk, but no Zombies camos made the trip. That left the grinders with a simple question: When will Plague Diamond and Dark Aether be available in Warzone?

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Well, the answer might be sooner than we thought. A data miner, ‘Alaix,’ who leaked clips of Hijacked before it was available has now revealed that all Zombies camos are in Warzone’s files. They also shared clips of how Dark Aether looks on Modern Warfare’s engine.

First look at Dark Aether Zombies camo in Warzone

Of Cold War’s camos, Dark Aether is probably the most coveted. People love the shiny, reactive gun skins — but Dark Aether is like a final boss. The thing looks like creepy clouds of purple hell on the metallic body of a demon, and that’s a slight exaggeration if any at all.

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Alaix not only said all camos are in Warzone’s files now, but also shared pictures of all three Zombies mastery camos: Golden Viper, Plague Diamond, and the aforementioned Dark Aether.

Zombies Golden Viper & Plague Diamond camos in Warzone

As can be seen in the picture, these camos look somewhat different than they do in Black Ops Cold War. Still, they’re very exciting additions for those who grinded nonstop to unlock the skins without being able to use them in the battle royale.

Of course, these just seem to be data-mined files and they may never even make it into Warzone. But usually, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and hopefully that means some fire camos are making their way to Verdansk — at long last.

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