Big CoD YouTubers fear Warzone will die without change: CouRage, Drift0r & more

CouRage and Drift0r worried for future of WarzoneActivision/YouTube: Drift0r, CouRageJD

A number of big Call of Duty YouTubers, streamers, and personalities have expressed the fear that Warzone could be on its way out, causing serious concern for those who love the game and build their content off of it.

Warzone has arguably been the biggest game in the world for some time now. At least on Twitch and YouTube, it has been huge for building careers and making the biggest creators even bigger.

But amid growing complaints regarding stale content, frequent bugs and glitches and, most of all, the rampant hacking issue, interest in the game has slowly waned.

You can see that in the slowly deflating viewership numbers and the discourse around Warzone, especially in comparison to competing games such as Apex Legends.

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Warzone Multiple Loadout Drop glitchActivision
Some top players are growing sick of Warzone and worried about the game’s future.

What are YouTubers saying?

It’s not just the average player growing frustrated with the game, though, and now the top creators are speaking out against the issues that have been so prevalent.

Drift0r posted a video on August 1 discussing the future of Warzone, saying that the game is “going to have to shape up a lot if they are going to survive Battlefield 2042 or any of the other new FPS games coming out.”

TheXclusiveAce echoed a similar sentiment, saying that it could be “game over” for Warzone when Battlefield and Halo Infinite come out, while CouRage simply explained why so many streamers are quitting Warzone for other games.

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Why are streamers quitting Warzone?

We’ve seen a number of the biggest names in Verdansk switch up their content. The likes of NICKMERCS, Cloakzy, TimTheTatman and more have been dabbling in games such as Apex Legends, offering a break from Warzone, something they’ve clearly been waiting for.

The main issue is one that we’re all sick of: hacking. While devs Raven Software have frequently done ban waves to ban cheaters, but the lack of a real, active anti-cheat software has been a huge gripe.

On top of that, as XclusiveAce explains, there have been “no major changes to the core gameplay of Warzone,” while CouRage points to the intense SBMM and lack of ranked play in the game, comparing it to Apex Legends.

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Needless to say, both regular players and top content creators alike are worried about the future of Warzone, and it may be crunch time for Raven to make some serious changes in the game.