Warzone hacker carelessly streams on Twitch, tells players to “find another game”

Warzone cheaterTwitch: AGuyNamedCody / Activision

Yet another Warzone hacker was openly streaming on Twitch while cheating their way to high kill games and free wins. When viewers complained however, he simply told them to “find another game.”

There’s no denying that hacking has been one of the biggest issues in Warzone since its release. More than half a million accounts have been banned in the past 15 months, yet cheaters remain prevalent across almost every lobby to this day.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen multiple hackers exposed while live for the world to see. Some have even been banned after winning high-stakes tournaments. Now, another streamer has been caught red-handed though this time, they couldn’t have cared less.

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‘AGuyNamedCody’ was live on Twitch for just over two hours on June 10, broadcasting their cheats in Warzone without an ounce of shame.

“There’s a lot of f***ing cheaters in this game and I got tired of playing against cheaters so I’ll just make my own,” the streamer explained.

Despite allegedly having a “positive K/D” on their main account, this particular player grew tired of the hacking prevalence in Warzone. 

Rather than trying to fight the issue, he joined their ranks instead.

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“So you ruin it for the folks who just wanna play and maybe have an hour a day?” A viewer questioned in chat. “Yeah,” the streamer responded. “Go find another game.”

Barely a few minutes into the stream and the player effortlessly walked through Verdansk to their first win. Upon landing in the post-game menu, however, the runner-up had a few things to get off their chest.

“You’re such a cheater, you make the game not fun” the player lashed out.

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“I’m having fun, I don’t care,” the hacker immediately responded. 

Evidently unphased by the consequences, the streamer continued cheating in-game after game until they were eventually disconnected. “They got me,” he said sarcastically. Unfortunately for everyone else trying to enjoy the game, it only takes him “two minutes to make a new account” and continue pestering others.

“Tell Activision to make an anticheat then I can stop doing this.”

While one Warzone account may have been taken away, the F2P nature of the game allows for another to be created right away.

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This cheater’s Twitch account is still live at the time of writing, despite mass reports from viewers in chat.

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