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Another Warzone hacker banned from CoD live on Twitch

Published: 19/Mar/2021 12:12

by Connor Bennett


Yet another Call of Duty hacker has been caught out, revealing their cheats on stream for the world to see, and getting a ban from Warzone and Black Ops Cold War in the process. 

Ever since Warzone launched over a year ago, players have had plenty of problems to do with. However, none is more annoying than the hackers.

Hackers and cheaters have plagued the battle royale since its inception, using everything from aimbots to wallhacks to invisible cheats and beyond to get an upper hand in Verdansk.

Raven Software have, over time, rolled out a number of different ban waves to get rid of cheaters, but plenty still pop up – some even brazen enough to just stream themselves cheating. However, one cheater got their comeuppance when trying to run riot.


Warzone train line
Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

CoD hacker banned from Warzone & Cold War in same Twitch stream

The streamer in question this time, kd1pp, was in a game of Warzone on Rebirth Island when their shots hit with some ridiculous accuracy.

Their first shot with a sniper did miss, but when followed up with a barrage of MP5 bullets, their opponent didn’t stand a chance, giving the streamer the knockdown.

However, seconds later, and after complaining about being shot by a DMR user, they were disconnected from the server with the same message that cheaters receive when they’ve been banned.

Seemingly testing out if he’d been account banned from CoD, kd1pp switched over to Black Ops Cold War and tried to find games there.


While he was loading into a match on Alpine, he was kicked off again. This time, the on-screen message confirmed he’d been banned. “I got banned too here,” the streamer said, laughing.

Unlike some cheaters who were banned recently, kd1pp’s Twitch channel was caught up in the ban. As of writing, it’s still active and he most recently played Grand Theft Auto V.

It remains to be seen if the crackdown on cheaters will continue, but players are desperate for the devs to rid the battle royale of hackers.