Warzone guru JGOD proves Kar98’s thermal scope gives surprising buff

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Few Call of Duty: Warzone players are enamored with Vanguard’s Kar98. It feels worse than its Modern Warfare counterpart, but JGOD revealed a thermal scope could change things… as it buffs the ADS a wild amount.

That’s right. It’s 2021 and the notorious thermal and night-vision scopes are no longer just for boomers. In fact, if you’re trying to snipe aggressively in Warzone Pacific, you should probably slap a thermal on.

In Pacific’s Vanguard Royale modes, you can only use weapons from the new game. And, if you’ve been keeping track of nerfs to the older titles’ snipers, it’s probably worth practicing with Vanguard’s options anyway.

So knowing about Vanguard’s Kar98k is useful and, as JGOD demonstrates, the gun’s night-vision scope is beastly. In fact, it gives a whopping 40% buff to ADS speed when compared to the default.

JGOD shows Warzone Kar98k gets ADS buff with thermal scope

In a December 14 tweet, JGOD shows a side-by-side comparison between Vanguard’s Kar98 ADS on the night-vision scope and the default. In the caption, he explained that the speed is 250ms faster — a nutty 40% increase.

For aggressive players who like to use the sniper as a long-range option in a variety of engagements, that buff is massive. It gives you much more time to contest someone lining up low-recoil Automaton shots and would be a huge advantage against someone using a default scope.

In other tweets, JGOD revealed that practically every optic on the Kar98k is faster than the default scope. This is somewhat puzzling to players, as it was absolutely not the case with Modern Warfare’s version or Black Ops Cold War’s Swiss K31.

Others have brought up the 10x scope for the Vanguard Kar98, but it remains unclear precisely which scope is fastest at the moment.

While Warzone analysts like JGOD and TrueGameData dive into the numbers, any hopeful snipers should make use of this information. If you want to hit quick headshots, embrace your inner boomer and toss on a thermal — because the default simply isn’t cutting it.

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