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Warzone pro Repullze disproves hack accusations with wildly customized controller

Published: 14/Dec/2021 22:49

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone streamer and tournament player Repullze was accused of using Cronus hacks after a wild clip. In response, he shut them off by showing the unique buttons his custom controller has.

Repullze is one of Complexity’s new trio of Warzone content creators, the Baka Bros. A highly regarded streamer and tournament pro, he pulled off a nasty play on Pacific while representing his new org.

Unfortunately, the play was a little too nasty for some tastes — and accusations quickly came rolling in. With impressive recoil control and nonstop live pings, many suggested that Repullze was using Cronus hacks.


So, in response, the streamer broke things down for those who haven’t seen his streams. He has a unique Battle Beaver custom controller and it comes equipped with some buttons that aren’t even available to the public.

Warzone streamer Repullze gets accused of hacks after crazy play

First things first, the play itself is pretty nuts. Rocking an MP-40 class, Repullze gets involved in the action, already sitting on 23 kills. A minute later, he’s wiped two full squads and is up to 31 kills.

A consummate teammate, Repullze manages to ping almost everyone while he’s shooting. This ended up being the primary source of hack accusations. One user replied with a particularly cheeky comment: “You literally have ping on fire/ADS turned on! If you don’t want to get caught with Cronus, turn it off.”


Repullze denies Cronus accusations with wild Warzone controller

To defend himself against the “BadBoyBeamans in the chat,” Repullze explained that he was using Combat Scout, but he also has a controller setup that helps with pinging. Essentially, he has a button to the side of his ADS button so that he’s able to ping with the same finger that he uses to aim down.

Elaborating further, Repullze revealed that he now has six additional buttons on his BattleBeaver. And, as others noted, the shoulder button he uses for pings is only available to sponsored players.

All in all, this explains why people were skeptical of his play. What he was doing is literally unnatural for a normal player’s controller, but it’s not actually a Cronus — just a wildly unique custom.