Warzone 2 guru unearths overpowered optic “with no counter”

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Choosing an optic in Warzone 2 ultimately comes down to personal preference, but Warzone 2 expert JGOD revealed an optic that’s hard to pass up.

Warzone 2 features over 40 different optic selections and attachment tuning add an extra layer of customization. New to WZ2, players can adjust the eye position of a scope. Moving it further away gives more visibility around the sight while moving the eye position closer results in a more precise shot.

With so many options, it’s an overwhelming process trying to choose the best optic. Players gravitated toward using the VLK 4.0 optic in Warzone 1 because the scope provided a clean sightline and served as a good in-between a long and short-range scope. While in Warzone 2, the AIM OP-V4 emerged as an early favorite.

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JGOD compared iron sights, the VLK 4.0, AIM OP-V4, and the SZ Holtherm, and came up with an unexpecting conclusion for which is the best.

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Thermal scopes were extremely popular in classic CoD games, but they have fallen to the wayside recently.

JGOD reveals underrated Warzone 2 optic

In his latest YouTube video, JGOD urged players to try out the SZ Holtherm optic before it gets nerfed.

“Smokes have become part of the meta because it allows you to reposition yourself, especially with the fast TTK.”

Smoke grenades allow players to reposition and move between covers, but JGOD discovered a perfect counter with the SZ Holotherm optic.

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JGOD tested the aim down sight speed for iron sights, AIM-OP V4, SZ Holotherm, and VLK 4.0 and concluded the VLK 4.0 is 10ms slower than the SZ Holotherm and AIM OP-V4.

He also argued that the Holotherm and AIM OP-V4 have a similar scope size, but the Holotherm doesn’t give off any glint when aiming down sight, giving it an edge. The Warzone 2 expert also discovered that the thermal scope is immune to the Cold Blooded Perk, which is supposed to make players undetectable by thermal optics.

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JGOD tested his theory by calling in a cruise missile against an AI enemy to confirm that cold-blooded was working. Next, he threw a smoke grenade, and the enemy still appeared in the smoke, despite having the perk equipped.

“There is literally no counter, so if you end up in late game where people are trying to rotate with smoke, you will be able to beam them, and there won’t be anything to stop your vision.”

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Having the ability to see through smoke grenades could be the difference between winning or losing a match, so give this scope a try for yourself while you still can.

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