Warzone 2 guru recommends thermal optic that’s “super easy” to use

taq-56 with Teplo Clear Shot thermal optic attached in MW2 and Warzone 2 practice range.JGOD

Warzone 2 guru and content creator JGOD has recommended players start using the Teplo Clear Shot thermal optic if they want to dominate Ranked Play.

Ranked Play was introduced to Warzone 2 with the arrival of Season 3 Reloaded. It adds a more competitive game mode where players are given the chance to truly test their skills.

While meta loadouts have always been important in Warzone 2, they’ve become especially significant with Ranked Play where having the wrong gun, Perks, or attachments could be the difference between gaining SR or losing it.

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This has pushed the CoD community to try out new things to make sure their loadouts are optimal, and now JGOD believes he has figured out the best optic that you should be using in Warzone 2.

JGOD recommends Teplo Clear Shot thermal optic for Warzone 2

In a new video posted on May 21, JGOD analyzed a variety of thermal optics to determine which is the best to use in Warzone 2.

Having tested a range of optics JGOD concluded that the Teplo Clear Shot was the best thermal optic in Warzone 2.

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Speaking on the optic’s strengths, JGOD said: “I think this one is so good because it doubles as a reflex sight. So we get the reflex sight which makes shooting super easy because it gives the widest FOV possible.”

Elaborating further JGOD continued: “Then when you want to shoot people hiding in smoke you switch to thermal and get extra zoom. You’ll have to adjust your aim slightly for the recoil and then you’ll be able to control it.”

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In the same video, JGOD offers an alternative for players who don’t want to use a hybrid sight. The Warzone 2 expert states that the SZ Holotherm is also strong as you can toggle its thermal imagery on and off, unlike any other optic.

Thermal optics have become increasingly common in Warzone 2 with the arrival of Ranked Play where teams frequently use Smoke Grenades to rotate safely. Being able to see enemies in smoke with a thermal is a powerful tool for punishing otherwise concealed players.

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