Black Ops Cold War weapons have major reload issue in Warzone

Black Ops Cold War guns in WarzoneActivision

Black Ops Cold War’s weapons have only just transitioned over to Warzone but players have already uncovered a major reload issue that could have you swapping back over to Modern Warfare loadouts.

With both Black Ops and Modern Warfare weapons to choose from, Warzone players have plenty of options when it comes to crafting the best loadouts. You can mix and match guns from both in a single setup, or just stick exclusively to one or the other.

While weapons from Treyarch’s new release might seem more powerful early on, there’s a huge downside that’s only just come to light. Having been created from the ground up for a new title on a different engine with unique features and systems, not everything functions perfectly when copied over to Warzone.

One glaring issue comes when trying to reload guns from the Cold War-era game in Activision’s battle royale title. They function differently compared to Modern Warfare’s weapons, leading to a slower reload time across the board.

While playing through a typical match on December 21, ‘BigPrice’ noticed something off about the reload with their Black Ops Cold War gun. The FFAR 1 seemed to have reloaded properly. Though before they could get a shot off, they noticed their magazine was still empty.

Despite the animation clearly showing a fresh mag being placed back into the Assault Rifle, they had to flee. Sprinting at the very last moment of the animation actually canceled the entire reload.

This is completely different from Modern Warfare’s weapons. The moment you see a new clip locked into place, you can sprint and cancel the rest of the animation. The reload will still go through and you’ll have a new mag at the ready. 

For Black Ops weapons, this means you have to sit through every single frame. Even if the magazine looks like it’s already settled in, you still have to wait. If your mag is completely empty, expect slower reload times across the board.

Black Ops Cold War gunsActivision
Using Black Ops Cold War guns in Warzone could leave you empty handed if you don’t pay close attention to the reload animation.

Whether it’s an AR, and SMG, or anything else, you’ll have to keep this in the back of your mind. Doing anything to cancel the reload animation early will leave you empty-handed. You” have to repeat the process all again.

If you’re sticking with Modern Warfare weapons, however, this doesn’t apply whatsoever. There’s no telling if weapons across both titles will match up down the line. This could be an intended feature after all. Regardless, it could change how you look at Black Ops guns in Warzone.