Warzone expert TrueGameData breaks down why KG M40 & Whitley won’t be meta

. 5 months ago
Activision / TrueGameData

Warzone Pacific Season 2 brought exciting new weapons to the battle royale. However, CoD analyst TrueGameData doesn’t see a way the KG M40 or Whitley will become part of the meta.

Pacific Season 2 brought loads of new content to the game which included quality of life changes, weapon balancing, and new guns.

Since the popular Bren and MP-40 both received nerfs, it opened up the door to an unknown meta this season that’s still pretty flexible.

Despite this, TrueGameData reveals why the newly added KG M40 and Whitley are not worth using at all.

TrueGameData claims MG M40 & Whitley aren’t worth using

Warzone expert TrueGameData has always brought a unique analytical level to the BR. Through his TTK charts, he is able to break down why some weapons are better than others.

In a YouTube video, he shows exactly why Warzone newest additions in the KG M40 and Whitley LMG won’t be considered meta weapons in their current state.

When looking at the assault rifle KG, his data says that the quickest TTK you can get at medium to long-range is 950. He compared it to the Grau, which has a 650 TTK, and said it’s not worth using over this. “A quarter second is a dramatic, dramatic increase in the TTK, which you won’t be able to overcome.”

KG M40 Warzone Vanguard gun
The KG M40 is one of two new long-range weapons added with Warzone Pacific Season 2.

Transitioning over to the Whitley LMG, which people thought could replace the Bren, it’s a similar story. While the Whitley is decent at medium-range, it falls off way too much when getting past that with around a 730 TTK.

Even though he said these can be viable, it will not be the most ideal setup. “Overall I just think there are a lot of better options out there than these two guns right now.”

So that doesn’t mean you can’t use these two weapons, it just means that you might lose more gunfights if people are using these other meta guns.

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