How to move faster in Warzone 2.0: CoD expert reveals best guns for max movement speed


Warzone expert TrueGameData has revealed the best guns to maximize movement speed in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, pinpointing a number to get around Al-Mazrah as quickly as possible.

Much has been said about Warzone 2.0’s movement mechanics since the game launched on November 16.

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Some have figured out how to ‘G-Walk’ in Modern Warfare 2, while others continue to lament the absence of slide-cancelling, which had become a typically involved feature of Call of Duty multiplayer.

However, plenty want to know the best weapons to run in order to move as fast as possible in the CoD battle royale.

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Thankfully, Warzone expert TrueGameData has crunched the numbers and revealed exactly what players should pick to move faster in WZ2.0.

TrueGameData reveals fastest weapons in Warzone 2.0

In a November 25 YouTube video, the statistic guru shared his findings regarding the fastest weapons in Warzone 2.0.

Unsurprisingly, the weapon that enables players to move as rapidly as possible is the knife. Beyond that though, there are a few standout weapons that let players move incredibly quickly around Al-Mazrah.

Specifically, the Lachmann Sub, Kastov-74u, and Fennec 45 stand out as the best weapons to use and move as rapidly as possible.

The Fennec, while possessing a slightly slower base movement speed than the game’s pistols and some SMGs, has the quickest sprinting speed of any weapon in the game. You may still be liable to get caught running, but if you’re looking to push up the map and occupy a strong position, this is the gun for you.

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The Lachmann stands out because of its ADS movement speed, meaning players can strafe well and be incredibly difficult to hit whilst firing.

Finally, the Kastov-74u, despite being classed as an AR, actually possesses all the handling stats of SMGs and so outperforms its class counterparts considerably. As such, it occupies a spot somewhere between SMGs and ARs, being an excellent close to medium-range pick.

It’s ultimately up to players how they play and which weapons they opt for, but these stats make picking weapons to run and gun with all the easier.

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